About Me

I have worked as a certified non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy and coach since 2015. The methods and interventions that I use have been developed through years of intensive personal experience together with continuous exploration, immersion, and refinement. My approach to the therapeutic as well as the coaching process is based solely on the unique situation of each client, both individuals and couples. I meet the reality of my clients‘ lives with openness, curiosity and compassion.


(Re-)establishing a mindful, loving and at the same time energetic connection between the personality and the soul with the goal of being able to sustainably tap into one’s own life energy and live according to one’s own nature. I call this way of life „self-sustainability“.

Career path

The period following my high school graduation (1989) up to the year 2013 is characterized primarily by my work in the commercial sector. After completing an apprenticeship as an office clerk (1993), I spent 20 years at my parents‘ retail and service company, first (until 2003) as a member of staff, and then, during the last ten years (until 2013) as the second-generation managing director. In 2013, I sold the company and thereafter focused entirely on opening my own practice in 2015.

During my time in the commercial sector, I participated in many seminars on goal and time management, human resource management, customer dialog, conflict management, sales psychology, marketing and business organization, among others.

Professional qualifications, training and further education

Since 2002: Intensive further training and personal experience in the fields of psychosynthesis, focusing, couples therapy, psychosomatics, symbol work, imagination, dream analysis, and exploration of the inner child.

2004 – 2008: Psychosynthesis therapist training at the Institute for Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal Psychology in Cologne (Instructor: Harald Reinhardt).

2013 – 2014: Coursework at the Heilpraktikerschule (School for certified non-medical practice) Andreas Schmidt, Wuppertal, Germany, in preparation for the Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie (Certified non-medical practitioner in psychotherapy) examination.

2015: Heilpraktiker (Certified non-medical practitioner) examination at the department of health in Krefeld, Germany. License to practice medicine in the field of psychotherapy according to the Heilpraktikergesetz (Law governing certified non-medical practice).

2015: Mediation training at the Institute for Applied Psychology in Cologne (Instructor: Professor Manuel Tusch). Certificate upon successful completion according to the guidelines of the Bundesverband Mediation e.V. (National Organization for Mediation).

2019 – 2020: Hypnosystemic Coach and Consultant training at the Milton-Erickson-Institute Heidelberg (Trainer: Dr. Gunther Schmidt). Components included: Competence-activating hypnosystemic concepts for coaching as well as personality, team and organizational development. The certificate is recognized by the German Federal Coaching Association (DBVC) (Dr. Schmidt is a DBVC founding member).

2021: Introduction to Clean Language for Mindbody Practitioners, a four-week online course (Trainers: Nick Pole & Madelon Sinnige).


Association of Independent Psychotherapists, Non-Medical Practitioners of Psychotherapy and Psychological Counselors (VFP) (https://www.vfp.de)




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